Welcome Early Childhood Professionals of San Antonio!
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The San Antonio Early Childhood Professional Development Network is a collaborative partnership of efforts to strengthen and provide support for the continued growth, learning, and advancement of Early Childhood Professionals in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

This localized professional development database contains training opportunities for those working in early childhood programs. The purpose is to help individuals connect to quality training opportunities from a variety of sources.

To access the database of training opportunities click on the “Connect to Quality” puzzle piece below or “Connect to Quality” on the menu to the left. You will be able to search by:

You may then select the workshop offering you are interested in and create a personalized list to save or print. For up-to-date, exact information on training offerings, go to the website of the training organization or call the contact person listed on your "My Selections" print out.

Remember this is not a registration site, but rather, a place to identify professional development opportunities. You must register with the organization in order to attend.

The listing of a training program is not an endorsement of the program or its content and does not reflect any preference on the part of WSA and/or ESC-20. The listing of a training program does not indicate an attempt by WSA and/or ESC-20 to validate any information in the training provider's website or training content.