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Videoconference Workshop:

 Objectives: Participants will

  •  Operate basic videoconference equipment and apply that knowledge in a sample presentation to other participants.
  •  Recognize basic terms used in videoconferencing.
  •  Review educational research and published articles on videoconferencing.
  •  Explore the types of content available from expert content providers.
  •  Participate in an interactive videoconference with a content provider.




Introduction to videoconferencing terms and equipment

Introduction of participants (via videoconference)

Electronic field with the Center for Puppetry Arts

Review of recent educational research regarding videoconference technology



What is an electronic field trip?

Preparing for a successful electronic field trip

Research content providers

Brainstorm ideas for 2009-2010 school year

Matching Game

Virtual Field Trip (10:30 am - 11:30 am):

Center for Puppetry Arts

Participants must have the following:

1 craft stick, 2 pieces of string (12" long), pipe cleaner, pre-cut construction paper (template on p. 3 of the study guide), hole puncher, glue, markers, scotch tape, scissors. All materials will be provided for on-site participants. The first 4 items were mailed to remote sites.

Study Guide:


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Videoconference Connection with Connect2Texas


Search for Virtual Field Trips:




AT&T Knowledge Adventures

BCISD Content Provider Database

ESC-20 Distance Learning Website

Polycom Database

Tandberg Connections

Berrien Co. Select List

Favorite Field Trips

Teachers' Choice Awards


Tips for Successful Videoconferences

Quality Indicators of a Videoconference Field Trip or Program

Tips for an Effective VC Program


VC Glossaries:

AT&T Knowledge Network Explorer

Videoconferencing Cookbook


ISTE's National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S)


21st Century Skills Framework



Videoconferencing in the K-12 Setting: A Review of the Literature

Videoconferencing in Education

Taking the Wraps off Videoconferencing in the U.S. Classroom

Best Practices in Live Content Acquisition by Distance Learning Organizations

Videoconferencing for Primary and Secondary Schools: Where Are We?