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Bring a Little Adventure to your Classroom!

Videoconferencing technology allows you to bring the world into your classroom. Education Service Center, Region 20 offers a wide variety of high-quality, K-12 student enrichment opportunities to all netVision20-member districts. These presentations are available across the netVision20 video network and include hundreds of topics on different content area subjects for elementary and secondary students from content providers all over the nation and the world.

Check out the monthly distance learning blog for upcoming programs and program ideas.

Listings or databases of electronic field trips and providers (search by provider, title, grade level or subject):

    Recommended programs by subject and grade level (pdf)

    Center staff will work with you to ensure that the content of each presentation aligns with your curriculum, as well as the TEKS.


    For more information, please contact Susan Altgelt at (210) 370-5639.